The Night Nation Race

Let's start by saying, the Night Nation Race is not a real "race".
Definitely not the right run if you're hoping to make a PB.

It was a few months ago that Tania and I had signed up for this 5k, but to be honest, neither of us had really thought about it until a few weeks before. We're not regular runners (unless you count running towards a sale) and we definitely did not train. That should give you an idea of what type of 5k this really is. The Night Nation Race is really a social event with black lights, glow sticks, music and a little bit of exercise.

So what does one wear to this type of event? Do you dress for a rave? or a workout? It sounds vague to say you can wear anything you want, but this is totally appropriate. People were wearing tutus, holding purses, running gear.. anything goes! I ended up wearing running shorts and a tank, but putting false lashes and glow in the dark ears on. I'm so glad Tania and Keith were cool with me being the glow stick queen. I love lights so much!

My only complaint about this event was that for a 'Night' Nation Run, it didn't go too far into the night. We were leisurely walking through the course, got to the "main stage" and then it ended 5 minutes later. Totally killed my vibes, but otherwise it was fun.

We managed to get Keith a bib super last minute and being the awesome spontaneous person that he is... he joined us for our run!