#SUNDAYBRUNCH: The White Brick Kitchen

On the corner of Bloor st. and Euclid ave. sits a humble white building with a flashing neon light that boasts, "the best fried chicken in town!". I'm usually deterred by these signs, but this is not to be taken lightly. I don't know if it's the best in town, but The White Brick Kitchen serves otherworldly-amazing fried chicken. #bomb

The White Brick Kitchen has been on our to-eat list for quite some time now. On this particular Saturday Navin & I found ourselves both with days off (a rarity). So we made the effort to head out early and go have brunch at this popular place. #fail The WBK doesn't open until 11:00am on Saturdays. (We ran errands and still got there early at 10:40) Now, I say all this because the WBK is very popular and has limited seating. So arrive early to avoid any hangry situations. Last time, ventured here the wait time was 2 hours and I ended up having ramen lol

Oh yes, we had a milkshake as our appetizer! But not just any milkshake: This is a boozy Bailey's milkshake! So good.

Navin has a love for fried chicken like no other. He has ordered more chicken and waffles than I can count at this point. Here, his chicken and waffles are covered in a delicious spicy-sweet sauce. As I stated previously, the fried chicken is a must! It's crispy and juicy and flavorful - absolutely wonderful.

I opted for something "lighter" (it's all relative lol). They have something on the menu called "Pick 4". Just like it sounds, you can pick 4 dishes from a list of options. I chose 2 sunny side up eggs, baked beans, square bacon and potatoes. I regret nothing. I was a little worried that I was wasting my WBK experience by choosing "a basic breakfast" (It was anything but basic).

I was curious to see what "square bacon" would be, it turned out to be extra crispy bacon (just the way I like it) formed into a square. The potatoes were sliced thin and crunchy without being chips. Overall it was great.

We could've done without the mango juice and the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, but they were delicious anyways.

s'all folks!