Aritzia and my closet have been in a serious relationship for a number of years now.
I've been lucky -- there are Aritzia stores (and even Wilfred locations) so close by. Which is why, this was the first time I've ever made a purchase from them online.

How did they reel me in?
The same way they reel every girl in: A sale of course!

They had an online only sale on thanksgiving weekend - and I bought in.
(All puns intended)

If you spend $150 shipping is free.
Anything before that shipping is an estimated amount. Shipping was fast. It took less than a week to ship and make it's way to me.

On Sale merchandise - a sales credit is issued for returns. However, on regular priced merchandise full refund is given within the first 14 days.

The packaging was brilliant. Beautifully wrapped - from a design perspective it was simply brilliant,

I had to exchange something - in store exchanges were simple and quick.

Will I buy from Aritzia online again? Probably depending on convenience or sale.
The experience was a good one though. I'm sure my wallet will hate me for it later.