I'm not going to lie to you. It was a serious struggle deciding what to write as my first post. But, I think this is perfect: Let's start at the beginning. The photo above was taken in my 20th year. That's Rebekah beside me and Freda beside her. We were in our 3rd year of university, the "real" world was this mysterious, far-away thing which we were only vaguely aware of.

This was 5 years ago.
And it was quite possibly the most difficult 5 years of our lives.

They say your teens are the most trying years. I strongly believe that whoever says this doesn't remember their early 20's. The transition from being a dependent student to a real and functioning adult is quite the task. The learning curve is steep; Becoming responsible for work and finances, Having to plan and organize your life ... All the while still trying to enjoy being young is serious business. Anyone who tells you, "It's easy" is lying!

findKHRISTINE.com is a place where hopefully I can bestow some knowledge (Straight from me or other people much wiser than myself.) I hope that my experiences help you and that you can be a fully functioning adult soon too.

Always, Khristine