SPLURGE vs SAVE | series intro

I had this dream last night; I was running rampant through the streets in this fur coat. (I was fully clothed you perverts! This fur coat just sticks out in my mind.) Anyways, I was running through the streets, hundred dollar bills in one hand and a champagne glass in the other yelling, "YOLO!". Suddenly, the scene switches and I'm standing at the cash register of the most extravagant store you've ever imagined. The store clerk turns to me, "Madame, will you be paying with your usual card?", as he gestures to the beautifully wrapped packages. I reply, "No, thank you. I'll pay cash." Hundred-dollar bills are raining all over the cash register. (I'm MAKING IT RAIN!) Sigh, a girl can dream can't she?

There has to be a balance between saving for your future and living your life to it's fullest. Ideally, I would like to have all the money in the world, but realistically, I either need to switch careers or start looking for a new boyfriend ;) Both of which, I'm not willing to do. Ideally, I would like to save all my money and still get to buy and do everything I want. Also, not going to happen.

This series is going to be about the SPLURGE vs SAVE struggle.

It's important to note is that people choose to spend their money in different ways. One person may value experiences, another might collect rare creepy dolls.. you're the master of your own destiny and the keeper of your hard earned dolla'-dolla' bills yo! So spend your money on what makes you happy (as long as you're not hurting anyone) and you're prepared to live with the consequences.

I'm so excited to start talking about different topics and what's worth the splurge or what's worth the save! Stay tuned folks!