Jumpsuits are an on-again, off-again fashion trend that reappears every few seasons/decades.
Although, I think they're super chic and effortless.. I am not a fan of their inconvenience.

"But why Khristine?! What happened?!", you might ask.
Well.. I'm glad you asked faceless-probably-non-existent reader of mine.

In 2014, this particular jumpsuit made its way down to sunny Cuba for some rest and relaxation! One night, I wore this number to the club. We were dancing, grooving .. and suddenly nature called.

I headed towards the bathroom, got into the stall and then realized what a mistake I had made. How the hell was I going to go to the bathroom ?! (answer: very very carefully). Bathroom floors in clubs are disgusting and even worse in third world countries. So there I am, carefully trying to pee; hovering above the toilet so I don't touch the seat; teetering in heels; trying not to let the jumpsuit touch the floor. Not to mention practically naked because the jumpsuit is one piece!

This was an experience I never want to relive and I don't want you to have to go through.
Though this suit is mighty fine, your discomfort may cross the line.

Til next time!