I fell off the blogging and vlogging wagon. 

I spent the greater portion of June getting ready for trips and going on trips. I found myself in Chicago at the beginning of the month and in New York towards the end.

Chicago was the first time I was travelling completely alone and with no purpose, but to explore. I learned how resourceful I actually was. I found strength in my solitude. And I was amazed at how generous and kind the people of this universe could be.

I discovered a beautiful city and a new confidence. Coming home, I really appreciated my friends and family. Navin picked me up from the bus stop and as we turned onto my street he said, "Do you realize, how much you're talking?" I am naturally a very talkative, chatty person.. so to talk mainly to myself for three days. Is a long time! It was nice to have people to converse with.

Let's fast forward to New York. Navin, his brother, his sister-in-law and I road tripped to the city that never sleeps! We were mainly there to visit family (new additions specifically). Can I just say how much I love Navin's family. They are warm and numerous with such personities. It was so nice to get to spend time with them and I can't wait to go back.

Navin and I spent a few days roaming around the city and seeing Aladdin on Broadway. It was the first time Navin and I had ventured another city together and alone. It was nice - We got back in one piece. I wish he could come with me on all my adventures.

Now I'm back home, in my own bed -- in my own town. I'm both glad to be back, and at the same time cannot wait to escape again.

I'm trying to enjoy the summer, but it's also one of the busiest times of the year. Everyday I find myself getting ready for work and singing "This summer's gonna hurt like a mother-uhh-uhh...". But I quickly tell myself to zip it, and remind myself that Fall is just around the corner.

I have this weekend off so I'm going to spend some time offline and outdoors.

With love, always,