Everyone has a story to tell. How they choose to share it can be as simple as writing it down, whispering it tell a secret, or even broadcasting it across the internet.

I love storytelling. I think it's the most human thing you can do.

I remember hearing a recording of my 3 year old self, telling my mother and father that I wanted a bird and them not being able to get a word in.

My photography and video work has been an extension of this wanting to tell a story. Except, now I can share them in so many words. (Not to mention a format that someone will want to listen in)

In the past 12 months,  I have had opportunities to tell other people's stories in a way that they couldn't do for themselves. At the beginning of the summer I filmed / edited a few things for some weddings.

The money has been sitting on my desk for months.

I kept thinking of the different equipment or tools I could spend it on. What combination would benefit me the most? What should I do with this?

camera lens + video editing equipment, really fancy camera lens, lens + photography course, video editing + course, flashes, save it and What do I need to take this to the next level?

I literally, every day have been thinking about this .. actively thinking.

Then my sister-in-law (Saira) informs me that she has gigs lined up. And now there is another question forming in my head... "When does this go from becoming a hobby to a real job?"

I almost feel like I'm coming out.

Like this has always been part of who I was and everyone around me could see it and I've been in denial this whole time, but I'm finally ready to own it.

I think I'm ready to actively seek these opportunities out and I don't know where to start. 

I'm definitely not at the point of "passion over paycheque", but I'm ready to hustle.

I'm ready to take my passions to the next level. And I hope you're not letting fear of unknown outcomes stop you either.

Anyways, bye for now, always,