It's 9am on a Saturday morning. We should really be catching up on sleep, but food is much more important right now. Navin and I have never been to School Toronto.
But it's always been on our list.

After a quick errand in Yorkville, we're in liberty village waiting for a table. It's 10:00am.

They do not take reservations, but come early and line ups won't be an issue.
We're seated before 10:30am. By now, Navin, Melissa and I have our meals and sides chosen.

Brunch is the only time alcohol is acceptable before noon. School's drink menu is superb: Their White pear Sangria, Red Sangria, Friendly Cheerleader or School house Cesar -- Everything sounded delectable! But on this particular morning, I thought I'd skip the alcohol. In fact, I would have skipped coffee had Mel not ordered one. It smelled divine! and it tasted that way too. It would qualify as a "drink it black" variety. (that good!)


This meal was amazing and worth every calorie. Their attention to detail was not missed. Put butter on everything! You won't regret it and you'll be surprised by the flavour on each plate.

If you have the appetite order the "Teacher's Pet". It's a selection of baked goods made fresh every morning and a great way to sample.

I'm not sure if their sides are meant to be shared, but they are large. I ordered a side of bacon and ended up taking 3 slices home for my brother.

I could have lived without the pancakes. It is much prettier than it tastes. The additions: blue and blackberries, whip cream and butter were delectable. But the pancakes themselves were pretty standard and although dependable.. there are much more intriguing items on the menu that I would have enjoyed more.

This place is a keeper and we are definitely not waiting for a ten year reunion to see it again!
I'll catch you later.