I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here yet.
But, Navin and I bought a house.

I've moved in, Melissa stored her things away in our spare room while she went off to be an awesome human and galavant across to the other side of the planet, we threw her a going away party and we bought a fantastic rug.

Now it's just me. (and occasionally Nav)

Life on my own isn't as exciting as one would think. I still go about my day-to-day routines, prepare my meals and do my laundry. The biggest difference is the peace and quiet. And I feel quite content knowing that if I leave my milk on the right top shelf of the fridge -- That's where it will stay. (No one will rearrange my things!)

In my head I'm often thinking, "Wow. Yesterday's Khristine was a complete bitch to today's Khristine" or "Thank you Yesterday Khristine" or "This is for Tomorrow's Khristine".

I appear to be settling in quite nicely.

But now that we've wrapped up a few projects and haven't started any new ones I realize that I have so much free time. I can't just binge watch Netflix all day. It occurred to me that someone out there might want to hear the day to day ramblings of a 26 year old home owner in Toronto. We've learned a lot since we started looking at houses and I'm sure there has to be someone out there that might find this information useful. We went through the agonizing process of learning how to be become a home owner -- I might as well share this information, right?

I plan on documenting this momentous life step. So that, at the very least I can look back and think, "Wow. I can't believe that was Yesterday's Khristine"

See you in the next one.