I guess you could say, "It's summer time and the living is easy",
But the atmosphere is cool and the living is not.

Being a home owner is tough shiz. It's kind of like I'm juggling an egg, a bowling ball and a baseball. I'm juggling... I'm juggling... I dropped the baseball because let's face it I can't juggle ... juggling... I'm juggling .. trying not to crush the egg, trying not to crush the egg and now I've dropped the bowling ball... and oh shit there's a hole in my floor and oh no! Now there's egg in the hole that used to be my floor.

There's that.

Also, there seem to be too many captains of the boat which is my life.

I'm not sure when this became a group decision. Or when everyone suddenly started only looking out for themselves. But I often wonder why I'm not allowed to join that club? Why is that frowned upon? I constantly find people trying to make decisions for my life, which are not right for my life at all. It's my life. I should star in my own life, or be the alpha in my own life. Instead I find myself being bullied into decisions that don't feel right.

I don't know what I'm doing anymore!

But then again who really does?

Work is work is work. I love my job, but my job doesn't always like me back ... or my knees or my shoulders really. So I've got a guy for that.

And that is where we're at.