I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here yet.
But, Navin and I bought a house.

I've moved in, Melissa stored her things away in our spare room while she went off to be an awesome human and galavant across to the other side of the planet, we threw her a going away party and we bought a fantastic rug.

Now it's just me. (and occasionally Nav)

Life on my own isn't as exciting as one would think. I still go about my day-to-day routines, prepare my meals and do my laundry. The biggest difference is the peace and quiet. And I feel quite content knowing that if I leave my milk on the right top shelf of the fridge -- That's where it will stay. (No one will rearrange my things!)

In my head I'm often thinking, "Wow. Yesterday's Khristine was a complete bitch to today's Khristine" or "Thank you Yesterday Khristine" or "This is for Tomorrow's Khristine".

I appear to be settling in quite nicely.

But now that we've wrapped up a few projects and haven't started any new ones I realize that I have so much free time. I can't just binge watch Netflix all day. It occurred to me that someone out there might want to hear the day to day ramblings of a 26 year old home owner in Toronto. We've learned a lot since we started looking at houses and I'm sure there has to be someone out there that might find this information useful. We went through the agonizing process of learning how to be become a home owner -- I might as well share this information, right?

I plan on documenting this momentous life step. So that, at the very least I can look back and think, "Wow. I can't believe that was Yesterday's Khristine"

See you in the next one.


Everyone has a story to tell. How they choose to share it can be as simple as writing it down, whispering it tell a secret, or even broadcasting it across the internet.

I love storytelling. I think it's the most human thing you can do.

I remember hearing a recording of my 3 year old self, telling my mother and father that I wanted a bird and them not being able to get a word in.

My photography and video work has been an extension of this wanting to tell a story. Except, now I can share them in so many words. (Not to mention a format that someone will want to listen in)

In the past 12 months,  I have had opportunities to tell other people's stories in a way that they couldn't do for themselves. At the beginning of the summer I filmed / edited a few things for some weddings.

The money has been sitting on my desk for months.

I kept thinking of the different equipment or tools I could spend it on. What combination would benefit me the most? What should I do with this?

camera lens + video editing equipment, really fancy camera lens, lens + photography course, video editing + course, flashes, save it and What do I need to take this to the next level?

I literally, every day have been thinking about this .. actively thinking.

Then my sister-in-law (Saira) informs me that she has gigs lined up. And now there is another question forming in my head... "When does this go from becoming a hobby to a real job?"

I almost feel like I'm coming out.

Like this has always been part of who I was and everyone around me could see it and I've been in denial this whole time, but I'm finally ready to own it.

I think I'm ready to actively seek these opportunities out and I don't know where to start. 

I'm definitely not at the point of "passion over paycheque", but I'm ready to hustle.

I'm ready to take my passions to the next level. And I hope you're not letting fear of unknown outcomes stop you either.

Anyways, bye for now, always,